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Quickest Closing Quarter 2 – 2022 by Orion Lending

Preferred Mortgage Corp. of NY named STAR Broker for Quickest Closing Quarter 2 (2022)!

Recently, we were honored to receive an award for Quickest Closing in Quarter 2 (2022) by Orion Lending. This year has been a busy one for our team and we’d like to give a special shoutout to our team and partners for this recent partnership recognition!

Our team works hard to make sure every customer’s mortgage is handled with care, precision, and timeliness. It’s recognition like this by Orion Lending that helps give us an indication we’re doing something right for our customers. Our fast and easy mortgage services aren’t possible without the hard work and dedication of every broker, processor, and support staff member! Thank you!

Special thanks to @OrionLending for the award and recognition!

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