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Non-Qualified Home Mortgages

Our selection of non-qualified mortgages offer a viable alternative to individuals and families that cannot follow traditional mortgage routes.

Mortgages Designed for Your Individual Financial Story

Your financial journey is unique, and so are your aspirations for homeownership. Sometimes, traditional mortgage options might not align with your specific circumstances. That’s where non-qualified mortgages (Non-QM) come into play, offering a tailored solution to your unique situation.

Non-QM mortgages are designed to address the complexities that standard terms might not cover. Whether you’re seeking a property that doesn’t fit conventional molds or have certain financial intricacies, Non-QM mortgages provide a way forward. Contact us and discover the versatility of Non-QM mortgages and how they can be the bridge to turning your homeownership dreams into reality.

Flexible Home Financing Solutions Beyond Traditional Norms​:


SmartEdge provides borrowers with an alternate, flexible solution that differs from a traditional mortgage. As an ideal solution for individuals interested in jumbo loans that do not qualify conventionally, SmartEdge offers up to $3 million loans on credit scores as low as 660. With the capacity for up to one late mortgage payment in the previous 12 months and fixed-rate and interest-only free rate terms, SmartEdge is an attractive prospect to the right borrower. Get in touch now to learn more.

Bank Statement Loans

If you’re self-employed, there usually aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. If you’re also in the market for a mortgage, it can be even more taxing. Fortunately, we offer Bank Statement Loans – sparing you the hassle of gathering tax documents and requiring you to submit bank statements for loans up to $3 million. A truly valuable mortgage option for the self-employed. Let us show you just how easy and affordable finding the home of your dreams can be.

Bank Statement Program Details:

  • Loans up to $3M
  • Min FICO credit score of 640
  • LTVs up to 90%
  • No mortgage insurance required
  • Available on primary and secondary homes, investment purchases, and refinances

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SmartSelf - A Bank Statement Loan Product

SmartSelf is a mortgage solution designed specifically for self-employed individuals. With a limit of $3 million, this mortgage product is best suited to individuals looking at conventional jumbo loans that do not qualify via traditional means. Income, in this case, is averaged based on provided bank statements, and there is flexibility for one missed payment in the prior twelves months on an existing mortgage. Both fixed-rate and interest-only fixed-rate terms are available for this home loan. 

SmartVest - Investor Cash Flow Loan

SmartVest offers a non-QM home loan solution for the purchase of investment properties. Flexible guidelines make this mortgage a good choice for experienced real estate investors that may not qualify for a conventional mortgage, with an option for up to 20 financed properties. Income for eligibility of SmartVest is based on cash flow from the owned property, with no requirement for debt ratio calculations or tax returns on application. As with other non-QM loans above, SmartVest is available at fixed and interest-only fixed rates.

Non-Qualified Mortgages in New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania

Explore the perfect non-qualified mortgage solution with us. If conventional terms aren’t feasible due to credit history or self-employment, non-QM mortgages offer a tailored fit. Get started with the form below or reach out for personalized assistance today.

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