Government Home Loans

Our government home loans offer suitable solutions for families and individuals beyond what conventional loans can provide.

Are you eligible for a government home loan?

If you are an active retired serviceperson, plan to use the FHA for your home purchase, or are looking to live in a designated rural area, these government home loan options may be the right choice for you. We pair you with the most suitable loan for your circumstances, income and financial situation.

FHA 203(h) Fixed and High Balance Fixed

The FHA 203(h) home loan is a form of specialized funding following a weather-related disaster from the Federal Housing Administration. A minimum loan amount of $25,000 and a maximum conforming to the statutory loan limit for the area gives you the freedom to recover from disaster with both fixed and high balance fixed options.


The standard FHA adjustable-rate mortgage offers a lower interest rate than fixed-rate for borrowers, making it the ideal solution for those planning to move in a few years. The FHA ARM is also well-suited to households looking to take out a higher loan amount, with a minimum loan of $25,000 and suitability for single-family, modular homes, condominiums, and planned unit developments.

FHA Fixed

FHA Fixed offers the ideal solution for households with credit scores as low as 600. Many property types of covered under FHA Fixed, including single-family, planned unit development, condominium and modular homes. This Federal Housing Administration loan is best suited for those that may not be eligible for a conventional loan product. High balance options are also available for primary and secondary residences plus investment properties.

USDA Rural Housing Fixed

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Housing Fixed home loan is an area-specific loan designed for individuals moving to or living in particularly rural areas. Qualified locations allow for home loans on all standard property types for a primary residence. Approved property types include single-family, modular, condominium and more.


The VA adjustable-rate mortgage provides a solution for individuals both advice in and retired from the US Armed Forces as a veteran. Credit scores as low as 620 are accepted under this veteran-specific product, with the opportunity to take out a home loan for a primary residence, second home or investment properties. All standard property types are covered, including modular, single-family, planned unit and VA-approved condominiums.

VA High Balance ARM and Fixed

VA High Balance ARM and Fixed loans offer an alternative to the standard adjustable-rate VA home loan, offering greater freedom for veterans living in high-cost areas. Both fixed and adjustable-rate options are available, with suitability for primary, secondary and investment properties. Most property types are covered under this veteran loan, including modular, single-family, condominium and manufactured homes.

Let us help you find the right government home loan

Not sure what you’re eligible for or don’t know where to start? Our expert team is here to help you. As specialized mortgage brokers with extensive experience in different government loan products, we can pair you with the best solution to buy your property. Fill out our pre-qualification online today, or contact us to discuss your mortgage options.

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