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Home Equity Line of Credit

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home equity line of credit

Standalone HELOC

Our Standalone HELOC is the ideal solution for current homeowners seeking a straightforward way to tap into their home’s equity. Whether you’re looking to consolidate and pay down debt, fund home improvements, cover educational expenses, or more, our Standalone HELOC provides you with the flexibility to access the cash you need.

 With competitive rates and customizable draw options, you can leverage the equity in your home while maintaining the low interest rate on your existing mortgage. Plus:

  • This product offers current homeowners a simple way to tap into their home’s equity.
  • Ideal for situations where a cash-out refinance doesn’t make sense due to the low interest rate on the existing mortgage.
  • Access cash for debt consolidation, home improvements, tuition expenses, and more.

Piggyback HELOC

Introducing our Piggyback HELOC, a unique offering designed to help qualified borrowers secure a new mortgage while simultaneously opening a home equity line of credit. This program is perfect for those with less available for a down payment or jumbo loan amounts, enabling them to expand their buying power without the need for private mortgage insurance. 

With the Piggyback HELOC, you can unlock additional funds to support your home purchase or refinancing needs while enjoying the benefits of a conforming loan. Plus:

  • Simultaneously secure a new mortgage on the home while opening a home equity line of credit.
  • Perfect for borrowers with a lower down payment, helping them avoid mortgage insurance.
  • An excellent option for those with jumbo loan amounts looking to qualify for a conforming loan.
piggyback heloc

Please note that specific eligibility requirements and loan details apply to each program. Contact our team today to learn more and determine which HELOC option is best suited for your financial situation.

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